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Some of these reports reference Decisions, Notifications and other official documents released by CITES. Click here to access these resource

PEGAS Report to CITES CoP17

CITES SC66 Information Document

PEGAS SC65 Briefing

PEGAS reply to the CITES Secretariat inaccurate statement

Arcus Great Apes Strategy

GRASP Strategic Review

GRASP Priority Plan 2013-2016

Wild Caught Chimpanzees in Chinese Zoos

Summary of the CITES 65th Standing Committee meeting

PASA Egypt Mission 2009

Conserving Bonobos in the TL2

Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research

Gorilla Agreement

Eastern Chimpanzee: Status Survey and Action Plan 2010-2020

Bonobo Conservation Strategy

Grauer’s Gorillas and Eastern Chimpanzees

Revised Regional Action Plan for the Conservation of the Cross River Gorilla

Best Practices for Great Ape Conservation

PASA Sanctuary Contributions in Africa