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Sold into extinction: Great apes betrayed by protectors (Mongabay, July 9, 2014)




2.Second classWhy are great apes treated like second-class species by CITES? (Mongabay, Sept 11, 2014)




3. ebolaHow did Ebola Zaire get to Guinea? (Mongabay, Aug 5, 2014)




4. Eating ApesEating Apes (University of California Press; summary only)





Stolen Apes_smallStolen Apes






5. Lost apesAfrica Geographic: Africa’s Lost Apes (pdf document)





Africa Geographic Blog


6. slave tradeSwara 1: Great Ape Slave Trade (pdf document)





Photo courtesy of GRASP

Swara 2: The Conakry Connection (pdf document)





8. acid testSwara 3: The Acid Test (pdf document)




Photo courtesy of Steve Taylor

Swara 4: Lessons Not Learned (pdf document)